Free Game Resources

Here’s a place where you can download FREE resources to enhance the games you’re playing! I’m always adding more and taking suggestions, so let me know if there’s anything special you want to see!

On the DMs Guild

All My DMs Guild Products

15 New Backgrounds (Pay What You Want)

20 New Traps (Pay What You Want)

50 New Magic Items (Pay What You Want)

Arachnids, Wraiths, & Zombies (Pay What You Want)

Archons (Pay What You Want)

Catastrophic Dragons (Pay What You Want)

Greater & Elder Elementals (Free!)

Tarokka Expansion ($0.99)

General TRPG Resource

Alternative Search Tables

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Adventures

Happy Holidays for 20th-level PCs

Prison for Dragons for 12th-level PCs

The Wererat Den for 5th-level PCs

The Desert Giant’s Plan an expansion of Storm King’s Thunder

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Backgrounds


Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Modules and Extras

20 New Traps (DMs Guild)


Critical Failures

Critical Hit Effects

Death and Returning Modules


Downtime Activities

Expanded Indefinite Madness

Firearms and Bombs

Lingering Injuries

Madness and Powers in The Damned Lands


New Tool Uses

Outrun Hazards

Orange Spice and Addiction Rules Module

Siege Weapons

Simple Hazards

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Magic Items

50 New Magic Items (DMs Guild)

Bioarcane Items

Magic Firearms and Bombs


Rune Items

Wubba Wubba, The

The Blades of Findalay

Artifact – Crown of Bewitching Enchantment

Artifact – Tools of Order

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Arachnids, Wraiths, & Zombies (DMs Guild)

Archons (DMs Guild)

Adult Silver Dracolich


Bel: Not Your Average Pit Fiend

Catastrophic Dragons (DMs Guild)

Dimensional Shambler

Elemental Undead

Gaping Maw

Giant Doll

Giant Ice Cream Bunny

Giant Teddy Bear

Giant Toy Soldier

Great Bear

Greater & Elder Elementals (DMs Guild)


Hot Chocolate Elemental

Hound of Tindalos


Icebreaker Shark


Master of Nature



Mrs Claus



Ogre Chieftain

Orc Punisher

Sand Kraken

Santa Claus

Skeletal Dragons

Skeleton, Ogre

Tiefling Necromancer

The Lingering Havoc

Vampire, Oni

Vampiric Dragons

Vampiric Vines


Winter Elf

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Chase Complication Tables

Chase Complication Tables

Flying Chase Complications Table

Saltwater Chase Complications Table

Sewer Chase Complications Table

Swamp Chase Complications Table

Treetop City Chase Complications Table

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Spells

Complex Rituals

Conjuration Spells

Fiasco Playset

Fiasco Playset Eberron Making

Mutants and Masterminds Pregens

Energy Controller PL 10

Speedster PL 10

Psychic PL 10

Powerhouse PL 10

Mystic PL 10

Shadow of the Demon Lord Pregens









Changeling Magician Level 1

Clockwork Warrior Level 1

Dwarf Priest Level 1

Goblin Rogue Level 1

Human Priest Level 1

Orc Warrior Level 1


Changeling Magician Witch Level 3

Clockwork Warrior Fighter Level 3

Dwarf Priest Paladin Level 3

Goblin Rogue Thief Level 3

Human Priest Cleric Level 3

Orc Warrior Berserker Level 3


Changeling Magician Witch Technomancer Level 7

Clockwork Warrior Fighter Weapon Master Level 7

Dwarf Priest Paladin Healer Level 7

Goblin Rogue Thief Acrobat Level 7

Human Priest Cleric Astromancer Level 7

Orc Warrior Berserker Brute Level 7

Prison for Dragons Maps Gridded

Shuzal 1 Grid 57x66 Shuzal 3 Grid 100x100 Shuzal 2 Grid 131x63 Shuzal 4 Grid 102x100

Prison for Dragons Maps Gridless

Shuzal 1 No Grid 57x66 Shuzal 3 No Grid 100x100 Shuzal 2 No Grid 131x63 Shuzal 4 No Grid 102x100

The Wererat Den Maps Gridded

Wererat Den Gridded A 34x34 Wererat Den Gridded B 34x34 Wererat Den Gridded C 34x34

The Wererat Den Maps Gridless

Wererat Den No Grid A 34x34 Wererat Den No Grid B 34x34 Wererat Den No Grid C 34x34

The Desert Giant’s Plan Maps Gridded & Labeled



The Desert Giant’s Plan Maps Gridless



All these maps were made using Pyromancers‘ Dungeon Painter tool. I love it! So fast, easy, web-based, and free!

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  1. Rick Creech says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put all this up here, definitely going to use them in my games! Great ideas to expand the rules in the DMG.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CB says:

    Thank you for making and sharing all these beautiful crafted rules James! I had a blast reading most of them and who can not like a Sand Kraken?!

    Also just like to point out, not sure if this was intended as a joke but the Farmer PDF is the same as the Harvester PDF.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Serasi Darkin says:

    This is all brilliant. I can use almost all these things for my campaigns. Also, I have been gathering more advanced technology materials and crafting my own because my world progresses from typical fantasy DnD into an age of technology and the abberrant firearms, mechs, and more are all awesome materials, including the new magic items.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Kale says:

    I can’t seem to find the document for ‘The Pyramid of the Desert Giants.’ If anyone could help with that, I’d really appreciate it.


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