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Last night was the Battlesystem BrawlJohn Fischer DMed Allison Rossi, Rudy BassoAlex Basso, and me in a massive battle of the elements. Using the new Dungeons & Dragons Unearthed Arcana Battlesystem,Unearthed Arcana Eberron racesElemental Evil Player’s Companion it was a livestreamed D&D encounter like no other!

You can checkout the battle on The Tome Show’s new Twitch channel or on YouTube.

In the coming weeks, we’ll release the audio as a podcast on The Tome Show’s feed and post an edited video on YouTube for ya!

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In a new episode of The Round Table I sit down with Greg Blair, Alex Basso, Andrew Kane, and Joe Lastowski to talk about the Legends and Lore and D&D Next Q&A articles about the fighter and the recent Live D&D Next Q&A which covered backgrounds amongst other topics. This podcast was recorded on April, 7, 2014.
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