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James Introcaso sits down with the largest Round Table crew ever to talk about the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition Open Gaming License and System Reference Document and the surprising new Dungeon Masters Guild. Topher Kohan, Dave Gibson, Rich Howard, Sam Dillon, Jeff Greiner, Liz Theis of Lone Wolf Development, Shawn Merwin of Encoded Designs, and Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Press talk about the big news. Included are two interviews, one with Nolan Jones of Roll20 and another with Robert Adducci of the Adventurers League to discuss how the announcement will affect their companies. They even touch on the Ravenloft leak and the announcement that Wizards of the Coast D&D team will not be at Gen Con. This podcast was recorded on January 12, 13, and 17, 2016.


I sit down with Wolfgang Baur, Kobold in Chief of Kobold Press about his upcoming visits to PaizoCon and North Texas RPG Con as well as his upcoming events at Gen Con. Then we talk about Wolfgang Baur’s wish for a fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons OGL and all the awesome products he has planned once (if) it launches. Spoiler alert – fifth edition Midgard Campaign Setting is liberally spoken about. This podcast was recorded on June 17, 2014.

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I sit down with Rachael aka Hobo the Delightful and Chris Matney of Trapdoor Technologies to talk about their recently launched Kickstarter for Codename: Morningstar, formerly DungeonScape. This podcast was recorded on December 14, 2014 and serves as a follow-up to Round Table 47.


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I sit down with Joe Lastowski and Topher Kohan to talk about the D&D Adventurer’s League announcementTyranny of Dragons, and the announcement of the forthcoming OGL for the new edition of D&D. This podcast was recorded on June 3, 2014.


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Mike Mearls Escapist Interview

io9 Interview with Wolfgang Baur

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