Round Table 149 – Unearthed Arcana Classes and Hypercorp 2099: Wasteland

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Round Table
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A new episode of my podcast, The Round Table, is up on The Tome Show’s website.


I sit down with Alex Basso, Ginny Loveday, and Round Table newbie Gregg Lauer to talk about the bard, cleric, and druid Unearthed Arcana articles. Then it’s an interview with game designer Mike Myler about his ongoing Kickstarter for Hypercorps 2099: Wastleland. This podcast was recorded on November 30 and December 1, 2016.

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  1. Michael Robbins says:

    Just a note that the bard College of Whispers and the assassin vibe hearkens back a lot to Dark Sun. On Athas, the bards did not get spells but could brew poisons instead. They used their roles as traveling entertainers to get access to wealthy homes and the assassination targets within.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michael Robbins says:

    Let me know when you want to do something, I would happily be back on.


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