Talking About Small Press RPG Publishing with Brian Fitzpatrick

Posted: June 30, 2016 in General
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Hey everyone! I have a bit of a different update for you today! Yesterday Brian Fitzpatrick of Moebius Adventures and I spoke for 90 minutes about what it’s like to be a small press or independent publisher in the RPG industry on Google Hangout. We waxed on everything from the Dungeon Master’s Guild to print on demand to mailing people in the UK three-ring binders. We also took some questions from our awesome audience! Check it out below and enjoy!

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  1. Benjamin Bradley says:

    Great video to take a peek behind the scenes. Thanks for posting it. As someone who is interested in pursuing a side-business in the tabletop industry, I am really intrigued with discussions like this about independent publishers and online marketplaces for digital products. One thing that I am concerned about as someone who is wanting to enter this space is determining how my contributions (and products) can expand our reportedly small industry rather than just “steal” a slice of the pie for myself. Definitely a challenge and something that I haven’t quite identified at the moment. Thanks again for posting and keep them coming!

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