My Tarokka deck needs something to do.

It’s not that I don’t love the purchase. It’s a wonderful item with a lot of great art. Worth every penny. But I feel like I can make it worth more.

As I mentioned in my one-shot Strahd post, I’m not currently playing Curse of Strahd. Even if I were, I’d want to make expanded use of the Tarokka deck. It’s great for readings, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it could be used for random encounters, treasure tables, and more? It totally can.

Tarokkas and Random Tables

Whether you’re playing Curse of Strahd or not, you can draw cards from your Tarokka deck instead of rolling dice on a random table for encounters, treasure, and more. I’ve made it super easy for you and myself by writing out the numbers on a table below.

I’m aware that other than the d6 column, these cards don’t perfectly correspond to the same probability as a throw of an actual die. If this were a saving throw, ability check, attack or damage roll, I wouldn’t allow it. For a DM’s random table this is close enough. It’s as good as it’s going to get without adding extra cards to the deck!

Making players draw these cards themselves for treasure and encounters is especially fun. It adds a moment of drama at the table as you whip out the cards and ask them to draw. Psychologically it also shifts the onus of the result on the player as the others watch, hoping for a good result.

Check out the table below, or grab it in the link below as a PDF or from the Free Game Resources section of this site.

Tarokka Deck as Dice

Tarokka Deck as DiceA Little Preview

This post is actually a little preview of an upcoming DMs Guild product I’m working on. It’s a recurring encounter for Curse of Strahd that involves a magic Tarokka deck. To learn more about this side trek, you’ll have to wait for next week and watch my game with Chris Perkins during…


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  1. The cards in this deck seem to be the same as a standard deck, including 2 jokers. In a standard deck there are 4 suits: clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds. Each suit has 13 cards, ace – 10 and jack, queen, king. One could *technically* do the same thing with them… OR a tarot deck (I don’t believe this stuff, simply providing a link to what the cards are)

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  2. Stevie Z says:

    I’m currently writing a home-brew campaign where the characters are going to meet an old woman in a shack in the woods. She reads their fortunes, boom. I know it’s not REALLY far outside what the deck was meant for, but I’m stacking the deck so that the card draws aren’t random, and actually will give a little hint to each character on what lies in store for them. In fact, I went through the deck and picked out the cards I liked and then am adding NPCs or plot points that match the cards.

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  3. Larry Johnson says:

    I’m running Curse of Strahd, but have converted it to Savage Worlds. We’ve been playing that for a while, and I just didn’t feel like learning the 5e rules, but I still wanted the awesome story. I use the cards to determine initiative in place of the standard deck required by Savage Worlds. I also have a character who died and was resurrected by the Abbot who has a vision once per session, and the cards are handy for that. I usually have him select two cards, and his vision has two parts. I have a pretty good idea going in what the first part of the vision is going to be, but I make up the second part on the spot based on the card. The Savage Worlds game system is a little more focused on action than role-playing, so the characters generally lack the divination magic the module requires.

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