Epic Threats: Elementals Published in EN5ider

Posted: January 29, 2016 in General
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Just a quick post here to let you all know that my third published Epic Threats article, “Epic Threats: Elementals,” is currently available through EN World EN5ider. Morrus, EN World King, and his team are awesome and have been putting out great fifth edition content and they have a whole catalogue of stuff still to come. I definitely recommend you check out the work over there. My other articles, “Give Chase,” “Get Sick,” “Epic Threats: NPCs,” and “Epic Threats: Goblinoids and Orcs,” are available over there as well and ready to make chases in your game awesome. This latest article has a new and improved Wizards of the Coast style monster stat block!

I’ve been running a fifth edition game for almost a year and it’s clear to me that there aren’t enough high challenge rating monsters to provide me with the variety of combat encounters I like to have at my disposal. Yes, bounded accuracy lets me use the old standbys far after the PCs’ level is much higher than the bugbear’s CR. I just need to keep adding bugbears… but combat with a lot of baddies is slow and can become a grind. That’s not the kind of variety I’m looking for.

That’s why I submitted a series of monster articles to EN World EN5ideran online magazine which publishes content for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying game. The first of those articles, “Epic Threats: High Level NPCs,” presents five new NPCs with challenge ratings of 11 and above to add to your game. The second, “Epic Threats: Goblinoids and Orcs,” provides five more baddies to bring into your high level games! These are (obviously) of the more goblin and orc variety. The latest and last article, “Epic Threats: Elementals,” gives you some awesome high level elementals (the Steam, Storm, Smoke, Sand, Mud, and Magma varieties).

On Tuesday I’ll be posting a companion piece to go with the article on this blog so stay tuned!

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  1. Tiles says:

    Hey, James! Huge fan! I’m very excited about the Guild. So excited in fact that I’m working on presenting an adventure for consumption. I’m hoping for advice of any kind concerning presentation, content, etc. . Is there a place/person/site you would recommend I send my work for review before submitting?

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    • Thanks for the kind words, Tiles! My biggest advice is to download some products from the DMs Guild to see how they’re laid out (and checkout the free D&D Adventurers League Adventures in the last three issues of Dragon+), download the free adventure templates, art, and maps from the DMs Guild to use in your adventure (just search for Creator Resource), check out the public domain art (https://www.flickr.com/photos/britishlibrary), and have someone you trust look it over… I usually ask the people I play games with! Playtest it too! That’s never a bad thing and can reveal what editors cannot.


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