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Posted: November 26, 2015 in Collaboration
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To my friends in the United States – Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I started this blog I’ve been taking part in the monthly RPG Blog Carnival. Currently organized by Johnn Four over at Roleplaying Tips, the carnival is hosted by a different blog each month. The owner of the hosting blog picks a RPG-related theme and then invites other bloggers to write at least one post on that theme in their own blogs. Those bloggers then provide a link to their posts somewhere in the comments of the host blog’s introductory carnival post. At the end of the month, the blog hosting the carnival gathers up all of the links in a new blog post and puts them together in a nice little package for all to see. Check out November’s carnival theme “A Stack of Surprises,” hosted by Mike Bourke of Campaign Mastery.

In December, I’ll be hosting the carnival. If you’ve been following me for a while or you’ve checked out the Free Game Resources section of this site, you know I love crafting homebrew creations. For fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons I’ve created numerous backgroundsmagic items, monstersD&D fifth edition rules modulesspellsadventures, and more. I’ve also been on a Shadow of the Demon Lord pregen creation kick recently, since there don’t seem to be many out there for this new game yet.

Now I’m inviting others to join in the fun. This holiday season, give the gift of your gaming creations. Create a new monsters, feat, spell, force power, weapon, magic item, NPC, PC, adventure, map, world, background, rule, society, or anything else you can dream up. It could be for your favorite game system or something system agnostic! It doesn’t matter. Heck get into the spirit and stat out Santa or go dark and make a murderous longsword forged in the blood of demons. Your imagination is the only limit. No creation is too small if it’s one that came right out of your brain.

Leave links to those creations in the comments below and at the end of the month I’ll post them up in a nice blogtastic package for GMs everywhere to steal for their games! Give the gift of gaming, my friends. There’s going to be plenty homebrew fun to come from this blog as well, so stay tuned!

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  1. Bruno Carvalho says:

    Are you interested in non-D&D material? What about a complete game system?

    Here’s a Final Fantasy RPG that you may like:

    Disk 1: http://bit.ly/FFRPG4thCD1
    Disk 2: http://bit.ly/FFRPG4thCD2

    Forces of Nature Expansion Pack: http://bit.ly/FFRPG4thDLC1

    Final Fantasy IV Worldbook: http://bit.ly/FFRPG4thDLC2

    Character Sheet: http://bit.ly/FFRPG4thSheet


  2. qpop says:

    I don’t have any awesome homebrew of my own (yet?!) but I can share a link to this really nice set of Lamentations of the Flame Princess pregens that I used for IntroCONso.

    Click to access LotFP%20Pregens.pdf

    Like I said, I didn’t make them up, I just found them on here:

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  3. […] Anyway, I rather liked this encounter, so I thought I’d share it with you. This is for you, James Introcaso! […]

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  4. […] the RPG Blog Carnival.  To be more exact, this was made as part of the December 2015 event, “Homebrew Holiday Gifts.”  Enjoy and please check out the other posts from other users during the […]

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  5. […] but the carnival now officially moves to jamesintrocaso’s World Builder Blog. The subject: Homebrew Holiday Gifts. Best of luck with it, […]

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  6. […] No matter, here’s another entry in support of the RPG Blog Carnival, particular the Homebrew Holiday Gifts theme for the month of […]

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  7. Connors says:

    Here is a Force Flavor for the Cypher System. It is a good system for Star Wars, and this helps to make Jedi a little easier.

    I have many more creations and House Stuff on my sites 🙂

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  8. Bupp says:

    Here’s a race of dog men based on awakened cooshie (elven dogs) that I just wrote up for my world of Eska. Included is a conversion of a magic item from way back in Dragon #102.


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  9. […] the month of November is over, and the Blog Carnival has migrated to James Introcaso’s World Builder Blog. His subject is “Homebrew Holiday Gifts” and there have already been a couple of […]

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  10. […] RPG Blog Carnival is being hosted by James Introcaso at the World Builder Blog and is entitled Homebrew Holiday Gifts.  The topic is giving a gift of your gaming creations.  I’ve had the idea to start a series […]

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  11. Bupp says:

    Here’s a 5e conversion of the Obsidian Giant out the Teratic Tome from Neoplastic Press.

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  12. […] jungle adventure I am building for my players, as well as, contributing to Worldbuilderblog’s RPG Carnival Event, I am creating a series of low-level primate beasts for the characters to interact with or wild […]


  13. Hi James, here is my entry on some new low-level primates for 5e: http://wp.me/p6PmQq-ay

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  14. dagorym says:

    Just realized that my most recent blog post counts as a “Homebrew Holiday Gift” as well even thought I didn’t call it out as part of the blog carnival in the post. It’s a digital recreation of the downtown city map for the old Star Frontiers RPG. Here’s the link:

    Mapping Port Loren (http://www.arcanegamelore.com/2015/12/15/mapping-port-loren/)

    Enjoy. And it might just bring back memories for some of you.

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  15. […] RPGBloggers’ December Carnival is “Homebrew Christmas Gifts”, so, I’ve got an excuse to throw out all sort of little rules and things that burble in my […]

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  16. Lizard says:

    OK, here’s a small stocking stuffer… a quick mechanic to help determine if your action-loving chaotic barbarian is really going to twiddle his thumbs in a 10 x 10 room for six hours while the wizard “recharges his wand”, IYKWIM. http://mrlizard.com/rules-and-variants/breakfast-crunch/boredom-in-pathfinder/

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  17. Hi Scott – thanks for hosting! Here’s a little rules-lite rpg and mini-adventure I’ve cobbled together. Merry Christmas and enjoy!



  18. […] Mondays, in the meanwhile, will continue with the usual articles. It’s also worth noting that this month’s Blog Carnival, now almost concluded, is on the subject of giving home-brewed holiday gifts in the form of […]

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  19. […] To learn more see James’s blog. […]

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  20. Hi James,

    Great topic, very suitable for this time of year.

    I have posted an entry at Tales of a GM:


    Hope you had a great Christmas

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  21. Looks like it’s been a very successful Christmas Blog Carnival, James – congratulations! You already have a pingback from Campaign Mastery’s entry, offering a Pulp Villain and a new take on a Hindu Deity (and her sister) but here’s a proper link http://www.campaignmastery.com/blog/lon-than-kalika/ 🙂

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  22. […] is also the second part that I am contributing to the to Worldbuilderblog’s RPG Carnival Event hosted by James Introcaso throughout December. The theme is “Homebrew Holidy […]

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  23. I wrote quite a bit of homebrew this last month, all for 5th edition.

    Grippli Zen Monks: http://bit.ly/1YQSa7k
    Bone Fly Swarm: http://bit.ly/1NP2g5L

    Kyton Tiefling Subrace: http://bit.ly/1mgZiOA

    Revised Hunter (Ranger) Subclass: http://bit.ly/1IC67Et

    Magic Items:
    5 Magic Items for Magic Users: http://bit.ly/1IC6bE2

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  24. hellahexi says:

    hexi here. For my contribution, have a lump of coa… well, actually, galena. Give kobolds enough galena, and they’ll start isolating lead; let them hold on to that lead, and they’ll start giving it to you in the form of ugly little sling bullets.

    Redsnout Clan Lead Mine & Manufactory, a vicious little tangle of a map (with bonus discourse on the proper use of traps).

    Happy holidays,

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  25. […] Read all the entries to last month’s Carnival at World Builder blog. […]

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  26. Bupp says:

    Here’s my version of a goblin PC race for 5e as well as a subrace for my world of Eska.

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