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The Exploration Age magic item preview continues with this post and it’s all about staffs and wands. Even if you’re not into spellcasters check out the items below because there’s some goodies in there for everyone! If you’ve missed my previous posts please check out Exploration Age’s wondrous items, weapons, armor, and rings and rods.

Please give me your feedback! It’s super helpful. I’ll be adding the items in this post and the others to the Free Game Resources section of this site once they’re in top shape. Thank you for those who have already commented.

Great wand? Or greatest wand?

How’d I Do?

I can’t stress enough how important and wonderful all the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been. Please keep it coming. Would you use these items? Would you tweak them? If so, please let me know how!

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  1. john fizheir says:

    These look great but I do have a few comments:

    Staff of Walls: it grants advantage against things that move the character. But some spells, notably Thunderwave, have a save against damage that, when failed, causes movement. But it’s just one saving throw. How would this Staff work in a situation where movement is combined with other effects?

    Wand of Ooze: This is entirely flavor, but as a “command” object it feels more like a staff, a ring, or a rod to me.

    Staff of the Muse seems slightly off to me because I would imagine that a bard would want to use it. But a bard will also want to be using their instrument at all times, at least thematically. It seems almost trap-like in that it’s something that needs to be held in a hand. Similar criticism could be made for the Wand of Entertainment, but that doesn’t seem as “off” to me.

    Wand of the Weird Wizard is VERY powerful. It basically negates damage resistance/immunity completely. I would suggest either making it legendary (seriously, it seems that powerful to me) or make it a host of wands that make small element changes that can be combined to make this wand, a la the Planeteers and Captain Planet or perhaps even a Zord -> Megazord type scenario. Your classic Voltron of wands.

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  2. Aeternal says:

    I would keep the Wand of the Weird Wizard as a ‘rare’. The Mace of Disruption is rare, and it is very effective on ALL undead and any fiend monster types, in fact I was amazed by it, the Mace, and I actually gave one to my group to a cleric (or actually he chose it, but I expected him to) and he is only 4th level… but it’s something he will keep and will give the party some mileage in many levels to come. So, the Wand you made also is fairly powerful, but maybe, I doubt you would want to get very specific with it, but splitting it up into several different types of wands instead… The Wand you made works for me as given, but I wish there was more to it. If you make it more ‘very rare’ or ‘legendary’ then it definitely needs some additions to it.

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