Note: You can now find the magic items in this article as a part of 50 New Magic Items, a Pay What You Want product on the DMs Guild.

Rings are the iconic magic item. Small, powerful, and of course the centerpiece of the most popular fantasy story of all time. Designing a magic ring is rewarding and satisfying when done well. When the PCs lay hands on a magic ring they know they’ve got something truly special.


Rods on the other hand are not as widely recognized as an iconic magic item in fantasy stories, but they are a huge part of D&D’s history. Just like rings these unsuspecting items are powerful and often bestow bizarre, but effective magical gifts to the wielder.

Today the Exploration Age magic item preview continues with rings and rods. I’ve already shown you some wondrous items, weapons, and armor. Do me a favor and check those out. I’d love any and all feedback on the items. The sooner I have that feedback the better, since in a few weeks I plan on putting all the magic items into PDFs on the Free Game Resources section of this site. Once they’re up you’ll always be able to find them there.

Anyway, onto the good stuff! The rings and rods are below!

How’d I Do?

Let me know in the comments below. Do you want to use these in your game? Thanks!

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  1. joelastowski says:

    Does the Ring of the Mighty Fist also count for natural attacks made while in other forms (like Wildshaping or while Polymorphed)? Might want to take a peek at the Insignia of Claws (which, annoyingly, is ONLY listed at the back of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen hardcover, and not the DMG), which boosts both natural and unarmed attacks.

    Also, “Rod of Tentacles, Eyes, and Mouths” is a bad anime waiting to happen. Never did I imagine I’d see the words “pillowy column of flesh” put together in that way. Ick. Just ick.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. john fizheir says:

    You might consider having some of the rods, especially the ones that cast spells, have charges. I know Charges are mostly a wand thing, but when multiple options are available (like with the rod of the elements) charges might play better.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. icksy says:

    Nice work, James! I have to ask though, if you gain climb speed by holding the rod of arachna, can you really climb with only one free hand? Or does the rod pick up the slack of the hand holding it?

    Liked by 1 person

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