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So we’ve already seen some wondrous items and magic weapons from the Exploration Age Campaign Guide, but there’s plenty more to share! Today I’m showing off the magic armor of Exploration Age. Some of these you’ve seen before in previous posts (I Made These For You and A Few (Magic) Things), but most of these are entirely new!

If you understand this reference we are friends.

Please keep providing feedback! The comment thread on the weapons’ post is invaluable to me. I want more of that! Once all the magic items are revised you’ll be able to find them in the form of a sweet, sweet PDF on the Free Game Resources section of this site.

If you understand this reference we are best friends.

Feedback Please!

Hey please take a moment and let me know what you think. If you haven’t checked out my wondrous items and magic weapons check those out too and let me know! Thanks.

If you like what you’re reading, please check out my podcasts on The Tome Show, follow me on Twitter, tell your friends and share this blog post, and/or leave me a comment and let me know you think. Thanks!

  1. joelastowski says:

    Awesome stuff. Lots of feedback, most of it due to technical wording thing (which, we both know, matters to a certain type of player)…

    – Does the wild magic effect work only when the light is on, or all the time?
    – If the attacker rolls on the wild magic table & gets a spell effect, but is not a caster, what do they use to determine things like saves (say, for example, on the “you cast Fireball centered on yourself” effect)?

    – If the character has a class or other ability that lets them exclude other characters from area spells, can they use that to exclude a buddy in the blast from taking damage?

    – It’s a typo, but I now want to figure out how to become a Time Wielder…

    – which takes precedence, the 10 min/day max or the 5 min every 12 hours? For example, if I use the shield for 10 minutes at 12:01 in the morning, does it have another 5 minutes of use after noon that day, or has it hit the 10 min/day max and therefore can’t regain any until the next day? Is it a 10 min at a time limit instead of per day?
    – if you’re riding the flying disc, do you lose its bonus to AC while doing so?

    – As written, a red or gold dragonborn wearing this armor could use the armor breath ability, but then would be unable to use their racial ability to breathe fire until they took a short/long rest. I think if it said “to use this armor’s fire breath ability again” instead, that’d be clearer.

    – Does the effect of this armor have a spell equivalent (or level)? Basically I’m wondering how it interacts with magical darkness, which can be dispelled by certain light-related spells but not others.

    – Nasty. Just nasty.
    – also, that’s only spells, right? So a black dragon’s line of acid would be unaffected?

    – is the listed bonus to AC a magic bonus on top of the normal shield bonus? It probably is, I’m just checking.

    Good stuff overall. Wish we’d had some of this stuff when we took on Tiamat.

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  2. icksy says:

    Great work, James. I love the exploding leather and the tortoise shell, and I can already see amusing situations when someone’s activated the radiant chain in a dark corridor and blinded other party members. “Geez! Will you turn that thing off already?! We have a lantern right here!”

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